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The Department of Surgery prides itself on its many highly regarded investigators. Some focus predominantly on basic or translational research (the "bench"), others focus predominantly on clinical research (the "bedside") and still others are involved in both realms. More than half of our faculty members are involved in some kind of research. Our faculty also holds 70 active research grants from both federal and non-federal sources, totaling more than $10.4 million. They have more than 200 protocols related to clinical research and more than 40 of their clinical trials are externally funded.

Along these lines of innovation, the University of Chicago Department of Surgery also has a unique research collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory. Together, they formed the Bioengineering Institute of Advanced Surgery and Endoscopy. This institute will focus on three major themes:

  • Visualization - This partnership will focus on enhanced visualization techniques that incorporate near-real-time computer simulation and principles of physics, which will enhance the planning and execution of surgeries.
  • Advanced Instrumentation - This collaborative will also focus on developing instruments that contain wireless components and can provide real-time data to surgeons. These instruments have the potential to improve surgical precision and enable procedures that are currently not feasible. 
  • Synthetic Materials - Finally, this group of experts will investigate the use of synthetic polymers, nanoparticles, and structural biomaterials. These biomaterials could be particularly beneficial in developing targeted treatment of bacterial infections and creating frictionless surfaces for structural implants.

Stay tuned for further developments on the institute as well as other research here at the University of Chicago Department of Surgery. Please browse this website to become better acquainted with the faculty and their research endeavors.

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