The Section of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery is actively involved in a wide range of basic science and clinical research on cardiac and thoracic diseases. Scientists within the section utilize bench, outcomes and translational techniques in an effort to improve patient outcomes and prevent disease progression. Some of our ongoing research includes: ischemia reperfusion, the molecular basis of heart failure, lung immunology and transplantation.

Aside from running two basic science laboratories, there are a number of active clinical trials being run within the section at any given time. Currently, faculty members are collaborating with industry counterparts to evaluate new heart valves, organ preservation devices, and ventricular assist devices. The clinical and outcomes research done within the section is performed in collaboration with a number of parties, including Argonne National Laboratory, the University of Chicago Cancer Research Center, Department of Health Studies, and the Sections of Hematology/Oncology, Radiology, Cardiology and various industry leaders.

Without solid research in the areas of basic science, clinical and outcomes research would not be possible. We have an active basic science laboratories, led by Mahesh Gupta, PhD, that performs cutting-edge research on the disease etiology of heart failure.