The Voice Center

The University of Chicago Medicine's Voice Center provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services to patients with voice and airway disorders. At the UCM Voice Center, we understand that a person’s voice defines who they are and strive to provide every patient with quality multidisciplinary care. The Voice Center team includes laryngologists (a subspecialty of ENT dedicated to voice, airway and swallowing) and speech and language pathologists who work together to handle a variety of vocal pathologies using the most up to date diagnostic and treatment equipment in the field of laryngology.

We specialize in caring for a wide range of conditions that affect the voice, including early vocal cord cancer, vocal cord paralysis, recurrent respiratory papilloma, benign vocal cord lesions, and voice disorders. We treat many types of patients, such as professional singers, amateur singers, students, or people who use their voice for their profession (teachers, lawyers, salespeople and religious leaders). Our doctors provide both surgical and in-office treatments for the voice.

Common voice concerns include:

  • Breathy or weak voice
  • Raspy or rough voice
  • Difficulties with raising the voice
  • Pain with speaking or singing
  • Voice fatigue (changes in voice quality with speaking)
  • Changes in voice after surgery or trauma to the neck
  • Changes in the quality of singing voice