Liver Transplantation

Here at the University of Chicago, our nationally recognized liver transplant team includes surgeons, liver transplant nurse coordinators, social workers, nutritionists, hepatologists, pharmacists and financial coordinators. 

Our liver transplant program is one of the most experienced in the nation. As the first program in the Midwest and the fourth oldest in the nation, we have performed thousands of transplants to date. The University of Chicago was the first program in the nation to perform a living donor liver transplant more than 25 years ago. We were also the first to perform a successful split liver cadaver transplant and triple organ transplant of heart, liver and kidney transplant.

Liver transplant is for those patients with end-stage liver disease. At the University of Chicago, we perform several types of liver transplantation including whole and split liver transplants and living donor transplants. Split liver transplants allow us to move beyond the previous limitations of organ availability and implant two patients with a single donor. Our patients benefit from the lowest pre-transplant mortality and wait list time in the region.