Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer, while considered a disease of aging, is the fifth most common cancer and the fourth most common in men. At the University of Chicago Medicine, our surgeons specialize in not only treating complex, late stage and high-grade tumors but also in innovative procedures to maintain high quality of life after treatment.

The bladder cancer program is led by Gary Steinberg, MD, and Norm Smith, MD. Dr. Steinberg is internationally renowned for his surgical and clinical skill and routinely consulted by peers, peer institutions, and leading associations, on treatment options for patients and thought leadership in care and clinical breakthroughs. In addition to bladder, Drs. Steinberg and Smith are highly experienced with urinary tract reconstruction and are currently involved in a study to utilize stem cells in reconstruction. Finally, new techniques can preserve the nerves and organs necessary for sexual function, allowing many men and women to continue healthy lifestyles.

Both Dr. Steinberg and Smith annually perform approximately 150 radical cystectomies, with leading quality outcomes, including quality of life maintenance, placing our bladder cancer program among the very best in the nation.