Peripheral Artery Disease

Vascular surgeons at the University of Chicago Medicine are experts in treating peripheral arterial disease, in particular advanced ischemic disease of the lower extremity.

Our surgical team works with colleagues at our institution’s accredited vascular laboratory to diagnose and locate any possible blockages in a patient. In severe or complex cases in which surgical intervention is necessary, our surgeons offer a wide range of treatment options including stents, angioplasty, catheters and stents to bypass the blockages in the arteries.

In some cases, peripheral arterial disease progression could lead to gangrene or amputation. Our nationally recognized vascular surgeons are dedicated to improving preventative therapies. Part of this effort includes the Dare to C.A.R.E. program, a program that screens for vascular disease.

The program is free and accessible to physicians in the community and their patients. Our surgeons strive to make themselves available to their physician-colleagues and any questions they may have about a particular patient or our peripheral artery disease program.