Chest Wall Deformity

The Chest Wall Deformity Program at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital is one of the oldest and busiest pectus programs in the region. Since the inception of our program more than a decade ago, we've been at the forefront of modern pectus management and have treated hundreds of patients with pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum. Recognizing that each patient’s needs are unique, we work with every child and his/her family to establish a customized treatment plan.

The Chest wall deformity program at Comer Children's Hospital consists of a multidisciplinary team of pediatric surgeons, anesthesiologists, pain medicine experts, nurse practitioners and physical therapists who provide a comprehensive and coordinated approach to care. Our goal is to help patients get back to their active lives as quickly as possible. » Learn more about our team.

To treat these pectus deformities, our surgeons offer several advanced surgical treatment options, including thoracoscopic Nuss procedures and the Ravitch technique for pectus excavatum and chest wall braces for pectus carinatum. Following treatment, our team will coordinate with our colleagues in anesthesia, pain management and physical therapy to ensure there is a plan to assist patients in their recovery.