Pediatric Urology

The pediatric urology program is dedicated to actualizing the future of pediatric medicine while maintaining the highest levels of compassionate patient care. Recent data from the Patient Health Statistics (PHS) show the program is the sixth largest in the nation by patient volume in pediatric robotic urological surgery. With this large volume, comes a wealth of experience and refined surgical technique.

Our pediatric urology team is led by Dr. Mohan Gundeti, an internationally renowned, accomplished and innovative pediatric urologist. Dr. Gundeti has two decades of experience in the field of pediatric urology, and over ten years of experience with pediatric robotic surgery. He strives to advance patient care, not only in Chicago, but also all over the world.

One common surgery performed by our pediatric urology team is pyeloplasty surgery to relieve a blocking of urine in the kidney. Another common surgery is the reimplantation of ureter to treat kidney reflux disease, correcting the flow of urine. In 2008, Dr. Gundeti performed the world's first successful complete intracorporeal bladder reconstructive surgery. The program remains the only center for complex pediatric bladder reconstruction.