Breast Surgery

The University of Chicago Breast Center is dedicated to all women's breast health needs. The center offers each woman a comprehensive care plan whether her physician has referred her or she is seeking a second opinion.

Patients coming to the Breast Center will be evaluated by specialists across the care spectrum, including experts in diagnostic mammography, breast surgery, medical and radiation oncology, plastic surgery and physical therapy. Such an integrated approach allows us to craft treatment plans to the individual patient's needs.

Experts in the Breast Center are at the forefront of breast cancer care. In addition to leading-edge detection and diagnostic tools, such a breast tomosynthesis and 3D mammography, our breast cancer experts offers today’s latest and most advanced nonsurgical treatment, including neoadjuvant therapy and advanced radiation therapy.

In cases where surgery is the chosen treatment method, our experienced breast surgeons offer both traditional and emerging surgical options:

  • Breast conservation therapy
  • Mastectomy
  • Lymph node surgery
  • Radioactive seed localization
  • Nipple-sparing procedures

Following treatment to remove cancer, our breast surgeons frequently work with plastic surgeons for breast reconstruction or lymphedema management. Patients will have the opportunity to work with a breast surgeon and plastic surgeon to discuss possible treatment and reconstructive options.

In addition to our comprehensive screening, diagnostic and treatment options, our Breast Center is home to a dedicated survivorship program, designed to help patients thrive after surgery, as well as unique clinical trials through which breast cancer patients can access new and unique therapies that are not yet available at other hospitals.

Throughout this entire process, our breast surgeons are first and foremost dedicated to fully and compassionately educating patients throughout the evaluation process, so that he or she may make an informed decision about their care.